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Digital Power Audio Amplifier Board TPA3116 Mono ChannelBTL Out 100W DC 12V-24VUS $6.66
Nobsound Mini TDA1305T USB DAC Audio Decoder Amplifier PC Sound Card AmplifierUS $25.49
Nobsound Mini Hi-Fi Lossless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Fiber Coaxial Output Connected Pure Digital AmplifierUS $39.19
Nobsound Mini Full-balanced Passive Preamp 2-Channel Pre-Amplifier Audio Volume Controller For Home AUS $47.99
280W High Power Subwoofer Amplifier Digital HiFi Integrated Board For SpeakersUS $89.10
Douk Audio Non-NFB Amplifying Circuit 150W 2.0 Channel Power Amplifier DIY KitUS $148.50
Douk Audio Full DC shielded op-amp HiFi Pre-amplifier Preamp Assembled boardUS $19.95
Nobsound Hi-end HiFi Amplifier Mini Compact Portable Stereo Headphone Amp For Phone Audio PlayerUS $46.75
Nobsound Mini Preamp 6J1 Tube Amplifier Buffer Hi-Fi DAC Audio Pre-amplifier With Red LEDUS $28.26
Nobsound Latest Hi-end PSVANE 300B HiFi Stereo Tube Amplifier Pure Class A Single-ended AMP 9W*2 Handmade Scaffolding AmpUS $569.49 - 849.99
Nobsound Little Dot I+ Hybrid 6J1 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Solid State Headset HiFi Stereo Headphone AmpUS $120.00
TONLEN TPA3116D2 Digital Power Amplifier Board 2.1 Channel AMP 12V 24V HIFI Stereo Power Amplifier Module Board 80W*2+100WUS $15.19
EAR HiFi MM Phono Pre-Amplifier Vinyl Tube PHONOBOX Assembled BoardUS $107.10
Nobsound Mini Full Aluminum Chassis Digital Amplifier Enclosure DIY Power BoxUS $22.05
2 Input 2 Output Passive Switcher Speaker Amplifier Comparator Audio SelectorUS $71.99
350W 24V 13A / 12V 2A Dual-output Switching Power Supply for Power AmplifierUS $28.80
Nobsound HiFi PSVANE KT88 Valve Vacuum Tube Amplifier Single-ended Class A Stereo Power AmpUS $381.65 - 407.15
Nobsound Latest 6*10000UF/50V Amplifier Power Supply Board with Speaker ProtectionUS $34.39
Music hall Nobsound XiangSheng DAC-02A USB DAC Audio Decode Stereo D/A Converter AmplifierUS $97.75
2018 Lastest Nobsound HiFi TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Digital Amplifier Stereo HiFi Power Amp 100W Blue ColorUS $19.04 - 24.48
Music Hall 1PC Electro-Harmonix EH 6H30 GOLD PIN Russia Vacuum Tubes Brand New For Tube Amplifier Free shippingUS $42.75
Music Hall 1PC Electro-Harmonix EH EL34 Russia Vacuum Tubes Brand New For Tube Amplifier Free shippingUS $28.50
Music Hall 1PC Electro-Harmonix EH KT88 Russia Vacuum Tubes Brand New For Tube Amplifier Free shippingUS $46.55
High-end Hi-Fi Valve&Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Audio Stereo HiFi Preamp Board Large PCB Reference Kondo-M7 CircuitUS $80.10 - 116.10
Power Amplifier Chassis Aluminium and Iron DIY 300B 2A3 Tube Audio Chassis 380mm*290mm*80mm 1PCUS $109.14 - 117.50
Ghxamp 6J1 Tube Amplifier Machine Bile Preamplifier HIFI Pre-class Preamp Bass Tweeter Tone NE5532 For Amplifier Speaker DIYUS $37.34
Kentiger HY - 603 HiFi Stereo Power Digital Audio Amplifier with IR Control FM MP3 USB PlaybackUS $13.49 - 13.89
TK2050 50W+50W Dual Channel Class T HIFI Stereo Audio Digital Amplifier BoardUS $17.89
AIYIMA Digital Amplifier Dedicated Speaker Protection Board BTL Circuit 2.1 Power Amplifiers Audio Board For Home TheaterUS $12.05
ZEROZONE Hi end 12AX7 Tube MM RIAA Turntables Phono amplifier base on Marantz 7 L7-44US $228.00 - 248.00