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2017 Lastest DC12V Car Audio 6N8P (6H8C 6SN7) Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier HiFi Preamp BoardUS $21.32
Dual-channel Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier Board TPA3116D2 Amplifier 2x120W DIYUS $7.84
TPA3116D2 2x100W 2 Channel Digital Amplifier Audio Board 12-24V DIY Module DC Power Supply 2Channel High Power and Low HeatUS $8.83
TDA7377 Power Amplifier 2.1 DIY kit 3 Channel Sound Audio AMP Board 12-18V DCUS $7.71
1PC 134*134*136mm Black Aluminum Vintage Triode Transformer Protect Cover Enclosure Case Box For Hifi Audio Tube Amplifier DIYUS $25.50
Class A Single End EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Vintage Tube Integrated Amplifier Hifi Stereo Vintage Tube AMP 12W GOOD SOUNDUS $225.00
Hifi Tube Amplifier DIY Kits Class A Single End EL34 Tube Integrated Amplifier Vintage Tube audio AMP Hand Wired 1setUS $235.00
A7 Double AC 18-36V 220W UPC1342V 2SC5200 2SA1942 Mono HiFi power amplifier boardUS $13.33 - 15.79
A1 line design NE5532 HiFI preamp amplifier tone board diy kitsUS $7.97 - 14.94
Sandblasting silver / black Diameter 30mm high 25mm All aluminum solid audio amplifier volume Potentiometer knobUS $5.42
TVA-6188A / TVA-6188BT 2.0 channel 500W 220/12V With Bluetooth HIFI Karaoke home theater stereo audio amplifierUS $48.43 - 59.14
CM-604.M3 DC12V 150W * 4 2500W C5198 / A1941 power tube High Power Four professional car amplifier 4-channel car audio amplifierUS $58.29
NEW HIFI TPA3255 dc48v 120W*2+240W 2.1-channel Class D Audio Power Amplifier BoardUS $37.30
Latest models TDA8954 Class D 2.0 channel 210W+210W high power digital amplifier boardUS $22.17
Classic 47 AMP Amplifier Board DIY Kits NE5532 OP AMP ModuleUS $5.17
AV-388 / AV-288 600W 5.1 channel Bluetooth home theater karaoke audio amplifier fiber coaxial Bluetooth USB / SD APE losslessUS $65.09 - 84.05
DC32V TDA7498E Class D high power digital amplifier board 160W+160WUS $16.98
60W TDA2050+TDA2030 three 2.1 channel super bass amplifier board Subwoofer board (C5A1)US $6.10
STA333BW USB Pure Digital Power Amplifier Board With USB Sound Card /DAC Bass Treble Adjustment Function 20w+20wUS $12.39
TK2050 TC2001 + STA505 50W+50W HIFI Stereo 2.0 channel T digital amplifier boardUS $18.97
12V OMRON relay Two-channel speaker protection board Suitable for BTL / OTL / OCL amplifierUS $5.59
LM317 + TL431 High Precision Linear Regulated Power Supply Board AC TO DC Power Supply Module For AmplifierUS $5.42 - 7.04
BT-1388 200W+200W HIFI Karaoke home theater stereo audio amplifier Support Bluetooth. Dual microphone.USB.SD cardUS $41.55
Silver-plated contact Omron relay amplifier speaker Horn protection board Support BTL power amplifier DIY kitsUS $10.69
NEW CG version LM3886 distortion less even more resistant to listen to the version of the amplifier boardUS $7.29
ma9s2 ma-9s2 250W 4R 2sa1943 2sc5200 / NJW0281 NJW0302 marantz After class amplifier board with DC servo speaker protectionUS $33.90
LM1876 Audio Amplifier Kits 30W*2 HiFi Dual Channel Stereo Power Amplificador Diy Kit Sound System Speaker Home TheaterUS $7.85 - 11.54
900W Home Amplifiers Audio Hifi Bass Audio Power Amplifier Home Theater Amplifier for Subwoofer SpeakersUS $38.88
Free Shipping 2pcs Shuguang KT88-98(GEKT88,KT88-Z,KT88-T) Matched Pair Amplifier HIFI Audio Vacuum TubesUS $56.40
HiFi 2.0-channel 300W built-in Bluetooth karaoke home theater amplifier(Give 2 wireless microphones)US $52.67