EDI Trendy Gemstone 2CT Natural Rose Quartz Crystal 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Female Girl Engagement Necklace Fine Jewelry

US $21.28 More details

Tree Of Life 925 Sterling Silver Long Necklace for Women Vintage Created emerald Multilayer Pendant Necklace Female Jewelry

US $17.49 More details

TJP natural carved PIXIU HETIAN jade pendant China QINGYU green necklace pendants

US $7.41 - 16.91 More details

Natural hetian QINGYU Faucet brand pendant Zodiac dragon Yu Pei The necklace men The new

US $8.36 - 13.11 More details

TJP natural Ice of Chicken oil yellow chalcedony Jade buckle pendant yellow agate chalcedony Peace buckle jade pendant

US $5.35 - 12.16 More details

GEM'S BALLET 1.70Ct Natural Red Garnet 925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Tree Necklaces & Pendants Fine Jewelry For Women Wedding

US $18.69 More details

SheCrown New Designed Long Big Pink Tourmaline White CZ Silver Earrings 43x26mm

US $6.29 More details

[MeiBaPJ Perfect Cleanliness 8mm Big Blue Topaz Gemstone Heart Ring for Women Real 925 Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry

US $29.12 More details

TBJ, S925 silver pendant with fancy color tourmaline ,simple and fashion design natural gemstone pendants with chain in gift box

US $69.99 More details

Natural Blue Topaz Rings for Women, 925 Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry, 6*6mm Gemstone Birthstone Jewelry with Velvet Box FJ247

US $28.00 More details

Natural Tourmaline Rings for Women, 925 Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry, 3*5mm *4 Pcs Gemstone with Velvet Box Certificate FJ254

US $44.00 More details

Uloveido Natural Ruby Pendant Necklace for Women, 925 Sterling Silver, 4*6mm July Birthstone Gemstone Wedding Jewelry FN159

US $39.60 - 41.76 More details

JewelryPalace Round 2.5ct Natural Sky Blue Topaz Birthstone Solitaire Pendant Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Include 45cm Chain

US $14.99 More details

Healing Crystal Natural Stone Aventurine Jade Women Big Necklace Bohemian Style Beads Exquisite Jewelry Gifts Pendant Necklace

US $20.40 More details

LAMOON Pink Lovely Bear Foot Rose Quartz Chain Necklace&Pendent For Women 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Fashion Accessory NI027

US $11.27 More details

JewelryPalace luxury 4.5ct Genuine Amethyst Garnet Peridot Blue Topaz Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Not Include A Chain

US $34.97 More details

Luxurious silver sapphire pendant 8pcs 3mm*6mm natural dark blue sapphire gemstone necklace pendant solid 925 silver gem pendant

US $44.80 More details

LARGERLOF 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace Women Necklaces Pendants Handmade Fine Jewelry 925 Silver Pendant PD49009

US $37.85 More details

Natural ice kinds of thin strips of yellow agate imperial jade ring finger ring male and female models genuine jade

US $8.00 More details

Korean version of angel tears necklace female fashion crystal simple pendant chain chain full jewelry colgantes de pendentif

US $6.23 More details

Hutang 100% Natural Gemstone Pendant Citrine Garnet Amethyst Necklace 925 Silver Trendy Drop Design Jewelry for Women Great Gift

US $21.99 More details

TBJ,new 2018 flower pendant with natural tanzanite gemstone necklace in 925 sterling silver romantic jewelry gift for lady mom

US $119.99 More details

Lii Ji Natural Stone Amethyst Citrine Smoky Quartz Fashion Necklace Approx 53cm

US $18.05 More details

Uloveido Natural Tested Tanzanite Necklace for Women, 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Jewelry, 5*7mm Velvet Box Certificate FN182

US $44.00 - 48.00 More details

Red Ruby 925 Sterling Silver Women Pendant 8.85 Carats Top Quality Women Fine Jewelry For Gift Wedding Engagement Jewelry

US $27.64 More details

TBJ, "Party Queen"Natural Gemstone Necklace with natural citrine in 925 sterling silver rose gold color for lady with gift box

US $99.99 More details

DOUBLE-R Genuine Natural Blue Topaz Pendants Real 925 Sterling Silver Heart Pendant necklaces Gemstone Fine Brand Jewelry

US $19.68 More details

Lii Ji Natural Cloudy Quartz Amethyst Crystal about 34.2 Inch Long Sweater Necklace

US $23.76 More details

yu xin yuan Fine Jewelry natural feicui jade 925 silver Abacus beads necklace pendant for fashion charm women jewelry

US $21.44 More details

JQUEEN Fine Jewellry Ruby Pendant Custom Name necklace personalized necklace 925 Sterling silver jewelry necklace with box chain

US $14.41 More details
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